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We are currently not meeting in person.

Our local UMM group meets on the first Tuesday of each month.  
Meetings are held in the Fellowship Hall beginning with dinner at 6:30.
This is followed with a  brief  business meeting update and then a 20-30 minute program.

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The ministry of men in the local church is defined as a core group of men, partnering with their pastor, to invite and initiate spiritual growth opportunities for all men of the church. Everyone has different gifts, graces and areas of interest. Therefore, opportunities for participation would include diverse ministries of the church, such as prayer groups, missions, Bible studies, retreats, workshops/seminars, small groups in the Wesleyan tradition, leading and participating on committees, teaching Sunday school classes, youth ministries, scouting, mentoring and assisting in leading worship service. The focus is not inward, concentrating only on those who attend a set meeting, but outward to all men, assisting them to engage the process of spiritual growth.



Our mission is to support spiritual growth among men, helping men to mature as disciples as they encourage spiritual formation in others.


Our goal is to empower the ministry of Jesus Christ through men within the congregations of the UMC.


Our pathway is a lifelong commitment of spiritual growth to maturity as a Christ-follower. Our spiritual formation is marked by spiritual reproduction, as our faith passes on in others.


"We love the Lord, we love our Church
and we love one another, come join us!"

Henry Luss, Craig Smith, and Joe Gracey


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Why is Men's Ministry Important?

Men lead others best by modeling Jesus Christ in thoughts, words and deeds.

Spiritual maturity is signified in spiritual reproduction, as the faith of mature disciples passes on in others.

Men growing in Christ become effective spiritual leader in their homes and congregations, working as partners with their spouses and congregational leaders-both lay and clergy.

Spiritually growing men help congregations to become vital and alive.

Everything desired from and through men comes as a result of men growing spiritually and maturing as disciples: family blessings, stewardship, service, outreach, prayer, spiritual leadership, lifestyle evangelism, and faithful obedience. Men are foundational to the life and health of the church.

When a man lives daily in surrendered faith, God is honored and many lives are blessed.

Transformed hearts are forged only within Christ-centered lives-nothing less is our acceptable offering; nothing less truly reveals Christ.

On Being a Man

And let it be observed, as thus is the end, so it is the whole and sole end, for which every man upon the face of the earth, for which every one of you, were brought into the world, and endued with a living soul. Remember! You were born for nothing else. You live for nothing else. Your life is continued to you upon earth, for no other purpose than this, that you may know, love, and serve God on earth, and enjoy him to all eternity. Consider! You were not created to please your senses, to gratify your imagination, to gain money, or the praise of men; to seek happiness in any created good, in anything under the sun.

All this is "walking in a vain shadow;" it is leading a restless, miserable life, in order to a miserable eternity. On the contrary, you were created for this, and for no other purpose, by seeking and finding happiness in God on earth, to secure the glory of God in heaven. Therefore, let your heart continually say, "This one thing I do," -- having one thing in view, remembering why I was born, and why I am continued in life, -- "I press on to the mark." I aim at the one end of my being, God; even at "God in Christ reconciling the world to himself." He shall be my God for ever and ever, and my guide even unto death!”   John Wesley, Bradford, May 2, 1788.

In honor to our founder, we have an intentional emphasis on discipleship.  As "men of God" we believe our first priority is to be conformed to His image.  This does not happen by accident.  Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19,20)  It is our intent to teach and obey the Word of God.

We cannot "make disciples" if we are not one our self.  We are currently offering a Wednesday night class using material from Patrick Morley's ministry (Winter Park, FL) known as Man in the Mirror.  Our goal is to be biblical Christians, not just cultural Christians.  All men are welcome to attend.

While not a social club, we much enjoy socializing with one another.  Come join us!


Read the article "On Being Chaste Men"



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