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Passionately Sharing Christ through Worship, Nurture, Missions, and Biblical Teachings

Building2 The first of our five key words involves God's action in our lives and our activity beyond us. Building is a pro-active, positive event. We are called to be builders of people, students, children, and families. Dare to be a builder!
LifeChanging2 We believe that faith in Christ is life-changing. When you make a decision to follow Jesus your life cannot be the same. It is life-changing to take your focus off of yourself and to follow Him. It is life changing to turn from your past and to begin a new future with the way, the truth, and the life. We believe that people can change when they seek to live a life devoted to healing, wholeness, and holiness that comes from God in Jesus-Christ. That is life-changing!
Christian2 This is the word that defines followers of Jesus. It reminds us that we need the hope and salvation beyond ourselves that is found in the Savior. No other source can bring true hope and eternal peace that Christ brings. It also means to be Christ-like. Dare to be like the one who brought salt and light to a troubled world. United Methodists are first and foremost Christ's believers in our world.
Relationships2 We define our faith in terms of our relationship with God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and others. It is not always easy to live in a relationship with others. We say things like: love one another, turn the other cheek, love your neighor, and forgive them again. Then we discover the divine at the center of our lives and in our relationship with others and most importantly with God's Son.


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